Original Textiles

A selection of my original textile work combining the organic inspiration of flowers and plants with the human-made influences of graffiti and urban decay. These pieces reflect the development of my style over time and are complex, rich and multi-layered. Many hours are invested in the creation of each outcome – they really are a labour of love! I have an unconvential approach and am happy to break ‘rules’ by combining textiles techniques in unusual ways. These techniques range from hand painting onto different weights of fabric, layering and applique and the application of gold and silver leaf through to embellishment with directional hand and machine stitch. Sometimes I have included beading or even resin in the detail. I do love a bit of bling and I am drawn like a Magpie to anything that catches the light to give that bit of shimmer! 

Graffiti and Hellebores

Cosmic Lily